Student Speaks: ZKC Takeover

Now lets pause for a minute and say, we are students first. Rappers second. always.

Enjoy the video and info.

In this edition of StudentSpeak, George takes us into the music studio to meet his friend and musical partner, James. They talk about how learning to make digital music has helped them express themselves and reach wider audiences.

“We connected with people during the summer who were from New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, who liked our music,” George says. “And I’m still keeping in contact with them, giving them new music, even from the UK.”

“If people from different countries who have different music playing, like in the Bay they have their different styles, in New York they have their different styles. If those people say they like your music, then that’s a good thing. That means that your audience is wider than just Chicago or your own neighborhood.”

Later, the two musicians discuss the challenges of keeping up their personal and professional identities on social networking sites. They decide to take up the StudentSpeak “no-Facebook” challenge.

NOTE!: I been on a roll when it comes to facebook. its now day 10 I believe. started the 30th of January so lets see what else I got.

Peep the rest of the episodes following the DYN Junior mentor crew at

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