New Look: Solemates

“You’re trying to be different like everyone else” –@NextByRaphael

Cashmere Thoughts: Jay-Z

Looking at where I live, at my age and the generation I’m categorized in, Chicago is very selective. From the way people hang out, to their music, places to eat, live, and even(ESPECIALLY) down to their looks. Fashion in the teenage eyes is not always buying the new pairs of retro jordans. It’s all about dressing differently. From inspirations from Kid Cudi, Kanye west, Jay-Z’s A.B.E(All black Everything) phase, to getting over The Cool Kids jordan brand tight jeans bright color scheme. Anyway, I’m trying to look for new places or styles to try out. You know, “Be Different”

Looking at fashion in chicago, these are the “Hot Spots”: Phli(world wide…wide… wide) Leaders 1354, Solemates, Self-Conscious, Enstrumental, Jugrnaut, St. Alfred, RSVP Gallery, Succezz, and many more.

For me, I’m transitioning into shopping at three stores: St.Alfred, Enstrumental, and Solemates. The grown look and vintage look of solemates, with a unique LA skater style from STA, and also the different coloring shirts of a Enstrumental. Starting it off is from Solemates Chicago. Enjoy.

P.S.: I would post the We Are The World(25 For Haiti) video, but one song with 25+ artist isn’t really attracting me to donate. I was concerned when it happened…

One thought on “New Look: Solemates

  1. […] you remember, I did a post on SMC back then, but now my homie Raphael of The EP Art Brand stopped by the shop and did his […]

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