Valentines Day…

Thank PHF for this picture

SUCKED(AND WILL ALWAYS SUCK) ASS!!! That’s right. I said it. Once again, fate brings the dreadful day of February 14th. Where hearts are either fluttering with their love ones on romantic dates, movies, and on a night stroll, or at home with hearts crushed like a construction site. Right now, I’m one of those people. I told myself I’m not going to put nothing personal on this blog but hey, it’s valentines day. Well back in the day(3 weeks before now), I was in (my opinion) a good relationship. We talked, had fun once in a while, and unlike the stereotypes of black men today, I treated her right. Never was trifling with her feelings, always(and still is) the perfect gentleman. You know, I thought today, would make that relationship very special. This is what I would’ve done if we were still together:

  • 1: Movies downtown around 3(Valentines day as the movie)
  • 2: dinner at Medichi in Hyde Park around 5 or 6 (Note that I’m buying this because and planned this out)
  • 3: walk in the park where we talk and conversate until 6 or 7
  • 4: Chill at the coffee spot on 53rd until I call a cab round 8
  • 5: Take her home at a respectable time.

YOU KNOW?!?! A FUCKING DATE!!! But you know how it goes, you win some, you lose some. Apparently, I lost in a NON EXCITING WAY! Boo hoo tear tear whatever. Now that I look back on it, on valentines day, I need to look better and farther when it comes to women. The girl even admitted I can find better than her. I find it bullshit and hate when women say “you can find better” It’s a pet peeve of mine. Plus, I find it sort of insulting when you say that. Anyway, I’m not going to find better. Ladies, you can find me in the cut chillin’… So for the end of this entry. you will find three things.

1: Me not putting my personal business on this blog. this isn’t my fuckin diary. People can see.

2: My mentor’s V-day mixtape entitled, “Happy Valentines Day from Kid Ralphie 2010”. Download Here.

3: My own little mix of love songs. I made it actually the day before we got together(October 19th). It’s called, “Lovers Enjoy”. No link. just look at the selection.

Lovers Enjoy Mix

Peace, Slick.

P.S. you know who you are too. I hope you read it.

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