Movie Of The Week: Boyz N The Hood

For another “Movie Of The Week”, we head towards the west coast for John Singleton’s groundbreaking film “Boyz N The Hood.”  Looking at the characteristics of Cuba Gooding’s Tre and Ice Cube’s Doughboy, both are virtually the same. Just choose different outcomes. While Tre tries to leave the streets of Compton, California and follows his father’s orders, Doughboy grows up without his father, chooses on the wrong side and let’s the streets consume him. Though his brother (played by Morris Chestnut) Ricky earns an opportunity to leave and become a great hope for the hood, we all know what happens next. After watching this movie, we learn that everyone makes choices. Both good and bad. We just have to learn whether to learn on from our choices, or let our options take control and regret.

*UPDATE*  I’m not able to find the scenes, so I recommend two.

When Tre and Ricky pulled over by L.A’s Finest Crooked…(Still couldn’t find it. Sorry)

When Tre and Doughboy overlook on their neighborhood.

One thought on “Movie Of The Week: Boyz N The Hood

  1. swaggtalk100 says:

    definately top 5 hood movie of all times

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