ZKC Update

Well, as you know, I really haven’t been here feeding you guys more of ZKC music… That’s because we’ve been working hard on providing that good music. Well during march, We got you… We’re wrapping up two projects. An EP titled, The Groove Exhibit, then onto our year long produced project, Movin’ Photos. Yes. A year where we wrote to songs that weren’t really successful, beats produced that aren’t written to, and songs that were done, but just did not get recorded. Now during that time, only 3 songs(Something New, Go Hard, Musical Relaxation) you heard. Now, out of all the songs we produced, we selected 10 songs to give you.  Those ten are slated to be on The Groove Exhibit. So we have that releasing on March 19th, then Movin Photo’s releasing later on. I’ll just post the tracklist for the EP and let you enjoy.

1: Musical Relaxation

2: Give N’ Go

3: The Bass (In The Trunk)

4: Freaks Of Nature

5: Courtside Slick

6: Willing and Able

7:  Wise Words Of Wisdom (Skit)

8: It’s Fly (Surfin’)

9: (Never) Say Goodbye

10:  The Carnival (Cure for this)

The Groove Exhibit: March 19th.

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