Movie Of The Week: School Daze

It’s the first day of march tonight, so lets keep this series of MOTW(Movie Of The Week) going. Why not since it’s march madness, we look onto the Spike Lee(Directed, starred, produced) classic, School Daze. The movie talks about Lee’s character(half pint) experience homecoming weekend at the fictional Mission College. Also during this time, Half pint is trying to pledge the wild fraternity, Gamma Phi Gamma. On the other side, Pint’s cousin, Dap(Laurence Fishburne) is the school rebel whos anti-apartheid demonstrations encouraging students and school administrators to completely divest from South Africa.

Now looking at the clash of Pints pledging, and Dap’s protesting, it goes bigger than that. From the personal problems between Dap and Pint’s Dean *Clap* Big Brother “All MightY”, to looking at the clash of light skinned versus dark skinned women on campus. Though School Daze does leave you looking at college life differently, it lets you know about the history of self hatred. War between the fair skinned and darker, and  rebels and righteousness. Though you might not understand, just see the movie for yourself.

Clip: The battle between “Good” hair and “bad” hair

Clip II: The wake up Scene. Trust me, if you understand the world back then, then this scene is deeper than a mere “Wake up”

*UPDATE* Clip III: How could I forget Samuel Jackson’s small(yet), powerful scene.. Just watch.

P.S: My favorite Quote. “In life, there are times to be quiet man, Just shut the fuck up!!!”

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