Movie Of The Week: Bamboozled

Bamboozled Movie Poster

How can Miss this one out?!?!? Well for those brain dead and hard of hearing, this M.O.T.W is none other than the infamous Spike Lee directed, Bamboozled. The story is centered around 2000 where a man, Pierre Delacroix(Damon Wayans) and his assistant, Sloan Hopkins(Jada Pinkett Smith) wanted to create to perfect television show that was “Outside the box”. It would be called, Mantan: The New Millenium Minstrel Show. Starring the duo of Mantan(Saivon Glover) and Womack(Tommy Davidson). During the movie, Race and class is seriously judged in every clique. Whether its corporate or in a small group. Looking back at the movie, Spike Lee did what no one else could do. Wake Niggas up. Just watch the movie and learn, Color runs skin deep.

CLIP I: The Dance of Death. Just watch.

Clip II: The interview with Pierre(PEEP LEFT EYE AT THE 2:00 CLIP!)

Clip III: A montage of minstrel show movie that Sloan played for Pierre at the end.

*UPDATE* What’s weird is, that this is the 10th year anniverary of Bamboozled. #Coicidence

Favorite Quote: “I am sick and tired of being a nigger and I am not gonna take it anymore!!!”

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