Movie Of The Week: Bowling For Columbine

Man, I almost didn’t do this edition. But you viewers give me strength. So I had to even though its low-key almost midnight. Anyway, let’s do something different. For the most part, I just been giving you guys movies, but let’s start doing other genres. My personal favorite, documentaries. I love watching them and this was the first documentary I ever watched. Michael Moore’s 2002 controversial film, Bowling For Columbine. This movie is breaking down the infamous Columbine high School shooting in 1999, when two high school boys shot up their high school. From there, Moore breaks down america history of poor Gun control, the violence that occurs in the united states.Reviewing the movie and what it teaches, the gun is a symbolism of the power U.S weilds and also how we let it control us. Just watch the movie and look at how we fight back.

Clip I: The intro. I love how Michael is gettin his haircut strapped up. Also, the Chris Rock clip put in.

Clip II: A brief history of guns & violence. look closely.

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