Ghostwridah: Coldest Winter (Video)

Well though this is a remake, and I don’t really like corny remixes of songs(Yet this one is #Dopeashell), it’s a very important to Mr. Ridah. One in which I respect. It’s dedicated to his grandmother. I’ll let him speak:

Today is a very trying day for me. I’m blogging from the hospital as I await the doctor to tell me weather my Grandmother is going to live or die. She had a seizure that lasted for an hour which could’ve resulted in serious brain damage. I was suppose to release this video tonight at 8pm but decided to do so now. It’s funny how life works… I thought about releasing this video a few days ago and scheduled it to release today — around the 1:17 mark of the video I discuss my grandmothers illness not knowing that she’d be in the hospital fighting for her life on the very day I set for release. With that said I dedicate this video to Doris Horton, my Grandma & inspiration. My love for you runs as deep as an ocean. –GW

So this is a song off his mixtape, 305’s & Heartbreak. Download here. Enjoy.

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