Prolyfic on Lupe Fiasco

Alot of people lives, situations, & freedom went into the development of @LupeFiasco it’s a damn shame to watch what he’s doing with it

It’s not a secret that everyone has an opinion. For some, it’s not needed, for others, it’s a requirement. Lupe’s friend producer, Prolyfic has his story and outlook on the MC.  Last night on twitter, Pro had a lot to say about (Not only) the petition on L.A.S.E.R.S, but Lupe as an artist, person, and friend. The italic quotes are the most important(in my opinion).

Some folks might want to turn their head, bcuz I have some choice words for this whole #WeWantLazers “movement” & @LupeFiasco as an artist. Ok FIRST off I really like @LupeFiasco as an artist.. I enjoy listenin to his music.. when it’s available to listen to… that being said..This nigga @LupeFiasco really be on some scared of failure as shit… He is his own worst enemy… and he’s fucking up ROYALLY. I mean where do I begin? how does Such a talented individual like @LupeFiasco become such a utter disappointment? And it’s his own doing. 1st u penalize ur fans for WANTING ur music..u make a short mixtape.. then when ur material gets leaked u throw a temper tantrum @LupeFiasco. What kind of artist PENALIZES fans for someone leaking they music?!?! you should be happy people WANT your music @LupeFiasco. In a state where everyone is rising to success by giving away free music (Drake, Wayne, Gucci Etc.) @LupeFiasco chooses to hoard his music. Which results in what? People forgetting about you! which is why @LupeFiasco did not make ANY lists of ANYTHING! When he should be top 3. Ain’t no release date on #WeWantLazers cuz ain’t NO FUCKING HITS on it! cuz @LupeFiasco REFUSES to makes hits.. not that he cant.. he wont! it’s like u forgot what got u here in the first damn place! u was set up to be “The One” not a reflection of what ur name means @LupeFiasco. There is NO reason why u shouldn’t be mentioned in the same conversations as Drake or wayne etc… Ppl say “who?” when u mention @LupeFiasco, & why do they do that? cuz @LupeFiasco is to damn scared to fail! he lacks the HEART to take a risk! So he’s had a career of playin’ it safe. So @LupeFiasco figure he’ll appease this crowd.. u know that crowd over there.. they’ll ALWAYS love him, and he won’t have to feel pressured. A fan of @LupeFiasco‘s says: “if he really got w/some great songwriters, producers, & explored all his options he could make a dope album. But @LupeFiasco is not gonna do that… he’d rather throw temper tantrums and toss complaints about making “what the industry wants” But @LupeFiasco‘s fans DO NOT want to hear all that crap man.. all they want is the music.. fuck what you talkin bout dude.. do yo job.

Jim Johnson didn’t want to waste a HIT on @LupeFiasco bcuz he INTENTIONALLY associates himself wit Losin..I mean Lazing..Loser Lazer #Shrugs An to be truthfully honest.. If @LupeFiasco every made the “Great American Rap Album” or whatever, it will probably be his best album ever! As a old former friend.. I’m disappointed.. as a current fan.. i’m disappointed.. enuff is enuff.. get off the bullshit @LupeFiasco. I knew the moment @LupeFiasco let them ppl over at #OKP embrace him.. I knew it was over..his music changed & he placed a ceiling on himself. All that Japanese Cartoon shit is cool or whatever but DAWG that’s not what Chilly put you here to do @LupeFiasco And you KNOW that!  How you go from being endorsed by Jay-z, to basically no public affiliation whatsoever?!?!? @LupeFiasco You spose to be killin it G. Lyrically ain’t nobody touching this nigga @LupeFiasco but who cares? cuz nobody know! cuz he only caters to a select SMALL crowd of people. @LupeFiascos Fans wouldn’t have to DEMAND a release on#Wewantlazers if he made the folks at the label WANT to put the machine behind it. It’s all politics & bullshit… NO.. The folks at atlantic records do not want to put money behind all that emo weirdo bullshit @LupeFiasco, do that shit on ur own time..give the FANS some fuckin music to listen to.. put out some mixtapes..BE ACTIVE & u’ll be on a list @LupeFiasco Mixtape #Weezy Meant something.. Mixtape @LupeFiasco Meant why is Weezy UP HERE, and lupe down there? Lack of supply to demand.

Alot of people lives, situations, & freedom went into the development of @LupeFiasco it’s a damn shame to watch what he’s doing with it. I mean canceling a mixtape bcuz some one leaked your music has GOT to be 1 of the dumbest reasons to deprive fans of something @LupeFiasco Everytime I have a conversation about @LupeFiasco it always go exactly the SAME “man dude is so good, wtf is wrong with him? why ain’t he..” At the end of the day dude.. PUT OUT SOME MUSIC.. keep ur BUZZ up.. appease the fans AND THE LABELS or ur gonna get dropped @LupeFiasco. You ain’t making no #Hits You go to #neptunes to PURPOSELY get throw away beats.. You ain’t putting no music out.. wtf you doin? @LupeFiasco. Cuz right now @LupeFiasco looking like a Loser.. I mean Lazer.. I mean Loser.. I mean #Wewantlazers O_o How does a person that’s bred to be a winner.. become a #Lazer? @LupeFiasco this ain’t you dude..fuck them clothes fuck that rebellion shit. When @LupeFiasco 1st started buzzin at the labels ppl was comparin #FNF to like the new BadBoy or Rocafella.. Would u be able to tell today? Does @LupeFiasco‘s music/Brand/Marketing/Promotion/or#WewantlazersMovement” come anywhere close to resembling those powerhouses? There’s no reason why it shouldn’t tho… He has the talent.. he HAD the funding.. he had the labels.. and he HAD the cosign @LupeFiasco. He also HAD the music..once upon a time..this new shit.. I can’t listen to it.. it’s not for the masses..I dont know who its for @LupeFiasco.

Why do I care so much? Bcuz I know exactly what went into building @LupeFiasco to be where he is today.. & beyond all that.. I’m still a fan. And to sit here and watch all this unfold.. personal bias of Wasalu aside.. is just a damn catastrophe.. it’s ironically a @LupeFiasco. But it seem like the more ppl that sit by the camp fire waitin for @LupeFiasco to do, the less he does & more appalled he seems at the idea, so the real question is: Why the fuck you here then? @LupeFiasco Just go away if you don’t want the pressures of pleasing ppl..And if u gon be here.. BE HERE!! get off the high school reject Wasalu shit and get back on the writing for the black album @LupeFiasco shit. Call up GBall get in the attic and finish that mixtape.. put that shit out.. call up P and tell him u want a hit record @LupeFiasco. Call up Soundtrakk.. get in the lab & GO SEE HIM.. that nigga got some cold ass beats waiting for you but you never hear them @LupeFiasco. Call up Mr. Jones and tell him you BACK on yo Westside of chicago “Failure” shit & let Craig Calman Know @LupeFiasco. Get ya fucking thumb out ya ass and be the Artist we all stood behind you KNOWING you could be @LupeFiasco. And once it finally sink in to you & you get back where u SHOULD be.. I want you to apologize to your fans for making them wait @LupeFiasco. Blood, Sweat, And Tears went in to you @LupeFiasco the least you could do is play the part you was selected to play. I think I’ll set down off my #SoapBox now…Know that my intentions 2 @LupeFiasco were not fueled by malice but of disappointment & confusion.

I highlighted that one part because that went deep. I mean dang, #FreeChilly. No wonder Gemstones, Matthew, Shayla G left…. Damn. I hope Lu can see this and Enjoy reflect. I DEFINITELY TOOK NOTES!!!

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