DaNny Disaster: The Endless Summer

No not the movie, though (you could enjoy it &) you’ll enjoy this original produced compilation album by a chicago bred DaNny Diaster. Mixing his own production(No samples), he has features from Mr. Diversity, Vic Mensa & Kids These Days, Instrumentality, Phenom (Poetree Chicago) and MANY more. DL & Tracklist below. and as always, Enjoy. (I should do a radio show with this music huh?)

‎01. Introduction to Summer (feat. Mr. Diversity x Sophie D)
02. Summer Don’t Ever End: House
03. Judgemental/El Crítico (feat. Vic Mensa x Nico Segal)
04. Weather Forecast (feat. Chance)
05. Something Like a Dream (feat. Sophie D.)
06. Emotions (feat. Teddy)
07. Galaxies/Goodnight Chicago (feat. Sophie D.)
08. G.O.O.D. (feat. Phenom x Teddy)
09. LaLa Lei (feat. Kelvin B. x Sophie D.)
10. Religion (feat. Ghostwriters)
11. Tonight
12. Summer Daze (feat. Raymond Ambercrombie x Sophie D.)
13. The End (feat. Akenya)
14. Time: Vic Mensa (Prod. Simeon Viltz) (Bonus Track)

Download Here- DaNny Disaster: The Endless Summer

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