Talent: What Else To Say?

“I was born to say the words that I might die for”

Well, it’s friday. This week I learned about myself. Who I am and who I hang with. For the people, the places where I’m at, Everyone I’m around has talent. I was in a cipher and minus one person missing, everyone in that cipher i can see rocking shows with in the next couple months.  Shout out DJ Such N Such, FM Supreme, Defcee, Instrumentality, Nico Segal,  and that boy Talent.

Well, this website was set to focus on The Zoo Kru Leaks, but I mean I got to show love Support to my homies. Other chicago websites say they support I got to keep to my word and REALLY SUPPORT the teenagers and dope artist I know. If you see this blog and have that dopeness, send me your track to raapmusic@gmail.com. I mean, if we can’t extend a helping hand, then we keep that slogan of “City Of hell of haters”. I post and support my own generation whether other blogs do or don’t.

(Steps of soapbox) Anyway, this one is coming from my homie Talent. The young westside Commonwealth MC is going in over ricky’s BMF with a real ill twist on who he is. Also, he covers a sade record with his own rendition. Enjoy.

Download Here- Talent: T.M.F(Talent Moving Fast)

Download Here- Talent: Never Thought I’d See The Day

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