Lucinda O’Dea: L.A.M.E

Today, I did a on-sight photoshoot with my friend Lucinda. It’s weird how it happened. I was on facebook and she just asked who wants to take photos. A quick text and on my way downtown. Power of the internet. Reflecting on it, she is a very bright and inspiring photographer that personally know. We both took photos of each other and wrote on our arms things we could think of. Also, had LAME on our foreheads. Very deep especially for her. I hope to do work with her in the future. Check her out on Facebook & Twitter Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Lucinda O’Dea: L.A.M.E

  1. Paige says:

    I like the photos, they are very different. Escpially the writing on the body. LAME that is a deep word for me as well. I hope Lucinda continues her photography, and George I wish you the best as well!

    Paige Bennett(from UCW)

  2. I especially like the last one.

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