Slick. G: No Regrets (FreEP)

Yes. It’s Finally Here. From mid july to now, it’s here. The performance on wednesday let me know, this rap music can really help people. Thank you to everyone in working on this project. Ms. Jovia for teaching me and helping with engineering & mixing. She is a beast. My brother T.R.E. for just making dope beats and rhymes. To Keanon Terrell providing the first two beats, to Duro closing it, My mentor Simeon for providing the outlet for young artist, & 5ifth Element for just being too cold on beats and a good man. Enough talk. TGIF People. Enjoy.
  1. Hands High Intro (Prod. DJ 5ifth Element)
  2. Courtside Chillin’ (Prod. K-9)
  3. The Morals (Interlude) (Poetic Justice)
  4. The Beginning (prod. K-9)
  5. Loose Control (Feat. Simeon Viltz) (Prod. T.R.E.)
  6. Make Em’ Bounce (Prod. Duro)

Download Here- Slick. G: No Regrets (FreEP) HULKSHARE

Alt. Link- Slick. G: No Regrets (FreEP) MEDIAFIRE

3 thoughts on “Slick. G: No Regrets (FreEP)

  1. So proud!! Let’s do a Tunes x Tuesday exclusive!!

  2. […]  He is a great improviser, has a cool blog, promising photography and now an impressive EP called No Regrets all at the tender age of […]

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