Instrumentality: Nostalgia (Video)

My homies Instrumentality, just killed another show at the video release party they threw saturday night. For the video nostalgia. Directed by Davy Greenberg, the video can make you reminisce of your childhood. From Osh Kosh corduroy overalls, to watching “Rugrats” around 4pm afterschool. Man, 90’s cartoons changes your life man.   Enjoy.

One thought on “Instrumentality: Nostalgia (Video)

  1. One word to describe this song and video….SMOOTH….it took me back to a time when my only worries were being in before the street light came on and finishing my homework before I could watch TV. Thank you for taking me back to the WONDER YEARS. Keep up the GREAT work…. ’cause we need more GOOD music!

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