Chance The Rapper- 10Day (Mixtape)

Artwork by Brandon Breaux. Presented by

Honest story. Maybe september or October 2011, While playing beats, Chance played me a real rough cut of the 10day project. With playing Prom Night, Missing You, and Fuck You Talm Bout, I told him even in it’s early stage, that I was honestly impressed. Us both being MC’s and coming up around the same time, I was glad to see Chance make his moves.

Coming back to Now. while some of what he played me made the final project & some didn’t, it still made this bold statement of “Even in Hard Times, creativity & inspiration can always prosper.” Even if it’s through chiefing outside the school . Chance has a REAL solid project here. Features Vic Mensa, Alex Wiley & Sulaiman. Production from Prince Talent DJ SuchNSuch, Chuck Inglish, Thomas Foolery, & more. Don’t sleep. Tracklist & Link below. CHANCE HOE! 10Day!!!

1. 14,400 Minutes [prod. by DJ SuchNSuch]
2. Missing You [prod. by Thomas Foolery]
3. Nostalgia
4. Windows (Ft Alex Wiley and Akenya Seymour)
5. Brain Cells [prod. by Peter Cottontale]
6. Long Time
7. 22 Offs
8. U Got Me Fucked Up [prod. by Chuck Inglish]
9. Family (ft Vic Mensa and Sulaiman) [prod. by The Blended Babies]
10. Juke Juke [prod. by Caleb James]
11. Fuck You Tahm Bout
12. Long Time II (ft. Nico Segal) [prod. by THEMPeople and Peter CottonTale]
13. Prom Night [Prod by Prince Talent, DJ SuchNSuch and THEMpeople]
14. Hey Ma (ft. Lili K and Peter CottonTale) [prod. by Zak “Fox” Jablow and MC TREE]

Download Here: Chance The Rapper- 10Day (Mixtape)

2 thoughts on “Chance The Rapper- 10Day (Mixtape)

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