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Maestro Knows Special Edition: Levi Maestro (Video)

In this special episode of Maestro Knows we take to take a trip with Levi in front of the camera speaking on a few of his close friends. Compiled from footage from the summer of 2010 in Tokyo & NYC, this marks the first episode of Maestro Knows that’s wasn’t made by Maestro himself. Featuring Daichi Ito, Nigel Sylvester, & 13th Witness. Shot, edited and all together created by Zack Mctee.

One of my favorites up to date. Really soak it in. Enjoy.

This is T.E.H.O. (Video)

Being from chicago and having friends from atlanta, Sacramento, Harlem, one question I would get is, “Do you guys really hate on another?” My answer would be, “Not at all.” We unify as youth, artists, musicians, filmmakers, painters, dancers, poets, and have one thing in common. Love. Love for the passion. Love for the knowledge. Love for the art we make. Love for the pain we share. Love for the creativity. We love our city and each other. We’re the city of Hella Haters Unity. This is an example of how we’re starting to unify. T.E.H.O (T.o E.ach O.wn) is a media website based out of our windy city streets. Showing acts like Kids these Days, and growing.  This is what we need. Yes. I need to find these guys and link ASAP! CHI CITY! Enjoy.

Maestro Knows: Killing it Softly (Short film)

I have been shooting this film for the past 3 months. It’s my favorite piece to date. This is the epitome of me as a creative being. The rest is self explanatory. Welcome to film making + drift racing, welcome to KILLING it SOFTLY. I got the NEED for SPEED.      –Levi

Maestro Knows: Trailer (video)

Says this is the first MaestroKnows where Levi doe not edit his videos. Enjoy.

Influencers: The Trailer

Directed by Davis Johnson &Paul Rojanathara.

The full documentary coming October 27th, goes deep into the culture we live in across the country. With features from Jeff Staple, Dao-Yi Chow, Sky Gellatly, Rob Stone, Jon Cohen, Josh Peskowitz, and more.

What sky says at the 1:07 mark, it hits home. Kind of funny how I been posting my influences everyday, and thia happens this pop up. Creative none the less. . Enjoy.

13th Witness: Riding High

This guy is infinitely inspiring. Enjoy.

Maestro Knows Episode 8: Professor Wonder

“In this episode follow Maestro & his friend 9th Wonder to North Carolina’s own DUKE University for Mr. Wonder’s class on sampling soul. Also gain insight on the way one of hip-hop’s most important producers feels about the importance of understanding one’s own culture.”

Where can I download that beat?! Enjoy! He’s Back!!!

James Baldwin Speech at UC Berkley (Video)

James Baldwin> Your favorite rapper. Music is slow I decided to let you all learn something. Including myself. Enjoy & listen.

Destello (Video)

My friend showed me this on vimeo. It shows the person filming selections of chicago from the night until the sunrise. It’s funny how he chooses certain aspects of the city, letting people this is chicago. The music & video is cold. Enjoy.