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B.o.B.: No Genre (Mixtape)

There’s been alot of talk as to this upcoming mixtape. With all rumors shut down, Bobby Ray drops his No Genre Mixtape. On the production side is himself, Jim Jonsin, Infinity, Quincy Jones(ON A MIXTAPE?!), etc. With features from Bun B, T.I., Donnis, and more, get ready. Who said this dude went pop? He holds no genre to his name. Enjoy.

Download Here- B.o.B.: No Genre (Mixtape)

Cee Lo Green: F*ck You (Official Video)

An official video for the best breakup summer record. Speaking of it, It’s fall. So bring on the sweaters and khaki pants. Just enjoy.

Cee-Lo Green: F*ck You (Video)

This song>Power(Remix), Deadly Medley, & Invasion Song.

Word to my twitter. Thank you Cee-Lo. Enjoy.

Download Here- Cee-Lo Green: F*ck You

Donnis: Gone(Video)

New visuals from DONNIS!. Fashionably Late coming sooner.

Donnis: Gone (Video Trailer)

A preview of the video for Gone from Donnis’ Diary Of ATL Brave mixtape(Available here.) Directed by BBGun(Directed Kid Cudi: Day N Nite & J. Cole: The Warm Up Trailer)

Coming next tuesday, April 13th. Enjoy.