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The Avid Mind x The Tracksmith: The Intermission (Mixtape)

It’s friday people. Word to Rebecca Black & Smokey. I’ve been meaning to post but, No excuses. My people’s sent me this link days ago & some real quotable lines on this Avid Mind x Tracksmith mixtape. (Besides the industry beats) everything is mostly produced by The Tracksmith. Who know’s?! You might hear him spit a bar or two. Wanna know? Check it out the. Enjoy.

Download Here- The Avid Mind x The Tracksmith: The Intermission (Mixtape)

Riddle & T.R.3.: 32 Doses

My boy T.R.E and Riddle once again hit us with some new music. I’m actually liking the rhymes. By the way, I guess he changed his name to T.R.3. Is everyone under the Puff Daddy, Puffy, Sean combs, P. Diddy, Diddy, Bugatti Boy act? Don’t mind me, Just enjoy.

Download Here- Riddle & T.R.3.: 32 Doses

T.R.E. & Riddle: 7 minute Freestyle x The Stress Reliever

My brother T.R.E. and his Beloit College friend, Riddle went over a nice amount of dilla beats for seven minutes straight. When’s the last time two MC’s went at it for seven minutes straight off the dome? Who knows? Also, I included another joint they did dedicated to releasing stress on music & M.J. Don’t question it, Just Enjoy this.

Download Here- T.R.E. & Riddle: 7 minute Freestyle

Download Here- T.R.E & Riddle: The Stress Reliever

ZKC: Get Money Freestyle

While at Beloit College, Slick. G & T.R.E had some fun and did a quick freestyle to Biggie’s “Get money.” Enjoy.

Download Here- ZKC: Get Money Freestyle

Defcee: A.D.D. Music (Prod. Moses)

My big homie Defcee released this dope music last night and he goes in. Hit the Youtube that has the lyrics. Enjoy.

Download Here- Defcee: A.D.D. Music (Prod. Moses)

James Baldwin Speech at UC Berkley (Video)

James Baldwin> Your favorite rapper. Music is slow I decided to let you all learn something. Including myself. Enjoy & listen.

Retro Radio: WBCR 90.3FM

If you didn’t know, my boy T.R.E is not only a bomb producer & MC, but he’s a dedicated college student. At Beloit College, he got news of hosting his own radio show! Tune in today for the premiere of Retro Radio. Every tuesday from 4-5pm. Enjoy. Who knows, you may hear some ZKC music on their tonight.

Tune In- Retro Radio: WBCR 90.3FM

The Explanation is…

I’M COLLEGE BOUND!!!! So I’ve been away from the blog for the longest period ever. I been late on numerous mixtapes, videos, and news to post for you guys. Well, that’s what visiting college does to me. ha. I had the pleasure to go to the wonderful Fisk University (F-U!!!) in nashville, Tennessee this weekend. For Scholars weekend. I arrived in thursday from a long 8-hour drive from chicago. From there I met different people from around the country, and even further. From my boys in cali, Georgia, maryland, DC, N.Y, tennessee cats, to even beautiful girls from the islands, houston, New Orleans, Virginia, and even florida. All were freshmen like me. The impact was crazy. Also, about 60% of the prospects(Incoming freshmen) were from the chi so some faces were familiar).

So from the people, the sightings, Dean Chandler(who held me down), and even upperclassman who really accepted me in their crowd. I’m just really glad I’m enrolling i the fall. I know college will be rough, and will have some downs, but I rather pend that time with people who are humble, cool, and will uplift me a the end.

P.S. When it comes to the music, I will definitely show those skills at fisk. Just watch.