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Cee-Lo Green: F*ck You (Video)

This song>Power(Remix), Deadly Medley, & Invasion Song.

Word to my twitter. Thank you Cee-Lo. Enjoy.

Download Here- Cee-Lo Green: F*ck You

40 & Drake interview

This was a interview that had me dying. Here you have Nardwuar40 & Drake talkiing his Bra stand, looking over rap trading cards, old LPs and much more. “All he needs is a red jacket and some zippers”. You got it. Now what?

Eddie Murphy: Ice Cream

Been watching this clip or two days now. I use to listen to comedies around 07′ or 08′ like Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Kings Of Comedy, Chris Rock Bigger and Blacker, and Martin Lawrence Runteldat. Man, this is making me wanting to watch them again. Especially Richard Pryor. funniest man I ever heard.

The Boondocks…

is coming in less than two weeks(May 2nd)!!!!! YES!. Check out the two videos (Above & below). Above is why real niggas don’t watch cartoons. Then below is the new Obama anthem… sort of. Continue reading

ItsTheReal: Def Jam Vendetta Shyne vs. 50 Cent

Long weekend and needs to wind down on some comedy: Coming from ItsTheReal.

This week, takes a look at a fight ten years in the making, in Def Jam Vendetta: Shyne vs 50 Cent.

I really miss my Gameboy looking at this…and Shyne’s rhymes.

Uncle Ruckus: Tiger Woods

Well nothing important was really seen good enough to post. So instead of basting on Tiger, look at what the future KKK leader has to say. The Boondocks Season III coming may 2nd.

Last Seen: Boondocks Season III (Trailer)

Babies: Movie Trailer

A documentary on several different babies of ethnicity, growing up in different parts of the world. Dope concept and can’t wait for the movie. Plus I’m a sucker for cute kids. I mean the first 45 seconds I kept “awww’ing.” Hey, don’t judge me. Ladies, I love babies too(follow me and DM me yo digits.) Anyway, enjoy.

UPDATE: SPEAKING OF BIRTH, Just wanted to say happy birthday to my big homie Akili Lee. He’s one of the people who support me and guides me to the dreams I want to achieve. Holler at him on twitter tell him happy birthday, and I dedicate this song to my dog. Happy birthday akili. enjoy.

Student Speaks Webisode 5

This was almost a month ago… Dang I missed alot. Peep the info below the video.

In this edition of StudentSpeak, high school seniors George and James report back on their social networking furloughs (both tried to avoid social media for at least a week) and sum up the lessons they learned from the experience.
So how did it feel to not use Facebook?
“The first time I kind of freaked out was on Valentine’s Day,” said James, explaining that he usually uses the public platform to wish his girlfriend a Happy Valentine’s Day. But the day turned out OK: The couple hung out and went to dinner.

George said that staying off Facebook for 30 days taught him that he didn’t need to be on 24/7.

“I don’t need to be looking at other people’s comments and looking at other people’s photos, just to see what’s going on. Because that’s not what’s going on in the world,” he said. “What’s going on in the world is when you look at Yahoo News or the Chicago Sun Times news and look to see what’s going on and try to stay current. Staying current with the world is important to me more than being current with so-and-so’s breakup or so-and-so got a new pair of jeans.”
At the same time, though, George said he felt somewhat detached from the world when he stopped visiting blogs and social networks that keep him informed about culture, music and fashion. Social media, he added, is a “gateway that keeps you current.”

I like to thank the academy and the 100’s. Enjoy.

JoeBudden TV: How to Have Groupies & Ruin It(Video)

Groupies are a very common thing while on tour, accessible to even the most incapable of men, so i’d imagine it would take a special group to turn them off…. I wasn’t there when this took place, so i had no choice but to go by hear say, but we did take a few moments the next morning to see exactly what went wrong…… & who’s to blame…… enjoy.

Man, this dude needs a reality show. Call it, “No Holds Barred.”  Enjoy. Continue reading

ItsTheReal: Kat Stacks Last Comic Kneeling

Oh god, this was too much laughter. I’ll let Jeff tell the story:

This week, ItsTheReal takes it from the Hit Factory to the Laugh Factory. Watch Young Money’s worst nightmare perform tricks with just a mic in her hand, in Kat Stacks: Last Comic Kneeling.