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Chance The Rapper- 10Day (Mixtape)

Artwork by Brandon Breaux. Presented by

Honest story. Maybe september or October 2011, While playing beats, Chance played me a real rough cut of the 10day project. With playing Prom Night, Missing You, and Fuck You Talm Bout, I told him even in it’s early stage, that I was honestly impressed. Us both being MC’s and coming up around the same time, I was glad to see Chance make his moves.

Coming back to Now. while some of what he played me made the final project & some didn’t, it still made this bold statement of “Even in Hard Times, creativity & inspiration can always prosper.” Even if it’s through chiefing outside the school . Chance has a REAL solid project here. Features Vic Mensa, Alex Wiley & Sulaiman. Production from Prince Talent DJ SuchNSuch, Chuck Inglish, Thomas Foolery, & more. Don’t sleep. Tracklist & Link below. CHANCE HOE! 10Day!!! Continue reading

Game Changers Pt 1 (Feat. Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B, Estelle, & Janelle Monae)

the house of Atlantic has some good video. Highlighting their artists on how they break from the mold of dumb’d down music, and what makes them different. From hip hop, R&B, soul, rock, these musicians really inspired me to be different. I loved B.o.B since Cloud 9. Oh you never heard of that record? Just airplanes? hmmm.

I feel like I could sleep on Janelle’s hair. I still love you. Enjoy.

Inspiration: KRS One

“MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know…”

Maestro Knows Special Edition: Levi Maestro (Video)

In this special episode of Maestro Knows we take to take a trip with Levi in front of the camera speaking on a few of his close friends. Compiled from footage from the summer of 2010 in Tokyo & NYC, this marks the first episode of Maestro Knows that’s wasn’t made by Maestro himself. Featuring Daichi Ito, Nigel Sylvester, & 13th Witness. Shot, edited and all together created by Zack Mctee.

One of my favorites up to date. Really soak it in. Enjoy.

Thought: If I could Afford Christmas

“Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.”

Up, and decided to make this post. Well, its that time of the season of giving and receiving marketing. While we are in that time, I just wanted to make a wish list. No, Santa didn’t get my letter because, I fear he’s over his yearly budget. I seen the people at do this weekly list, So I’m just putting my list out there as well. Maybe santa(or a donator) will see this and grant a poor southside boys list!, or in 2011 I’ll work hard and obtain these items. Eh, it can happen.

•Canon Powershot G12:

The pictures I took this year was from my mentor. He had a Powershot G9 and I was really excited when taking pictures with it. My friend had the G11 model and that was just so clear when taking pictures. Looking at the G12 and its quality and abilities, I would definitely be taking more than pictures from my blackberry.

•Roy Selvedge Jeans

Not even lying when I say I don’t care much about jeans, but I have a sudden crave for denim jeans now. Especially Selvedge. That red stitching in the inside is official. I gave away most of my jeans I cannot fit or too baggy. Now, I only got about 4 pairs of jeans left. So maybe 2 pairs of these will be too nice in my closet. Plus everyone has nudie. Only a few have these and that’s the plan. Look beyond the popular brands.

•T-Mobile Blackberry 9700

For those who know me, my blackberry 8520 laid to rest due to a big party and was reduced to an old Samsung flip phone. I already have an ipod touch and this is just the right phone to be in school with. Not to impress and show off, but just for the calendar, alarm, and apps that’ll help when I travel away. I am #TeamBlackberry, so this would be a blessed upgrade.

• Jordan VII Bordeaux

I never, EVER EVER, owned a pair of jordans in my life. I had chances to buy some, but like Ye said, “Wait till I get my money right!” As a teen in chicago, your wack without a pair of J’s. These release this year(2011) and the only pair I want to have. One word: fresh. Every other jordan pairs are cool, but I would kill for a chance to own a pair of these babies.

Thelonious Monk: Epistrophy

You cannot tell me that he rocks. Do your history. Enjoy.

Inspiration: Creativity

My inspirations are back for you. Happy friday.

This is T.E.H.O. (Video)

Being from chicago and having friends from atlanta, Sacramento, Harlem, one question I would get is, “Do you guys really hate on another?” My answer would be, “Not at all.” We unify as youth, artists, musicians, filmmakers, painters, dancers, poets, and have one thing in common. Love. Love for the passion. Love for the knowledge. Love for the art we make. Love for the pain we share. Love for the creativity. We love our city and each other. We’re the city of Hella Haters Unity. This is an example of how we’re starting to unify. T.E.H.O (T.o E.ach O.wn) is a media website based out of our windy city streets. Showing acts like Kids these Days, and growing.  This is what we need. Yes. I need to find these guys and link ASAP! CHI CITY! Enjoy.

Inspiration: tAz Arnold

Fashion Designer, Musician, & Philosopher.

Ignorance is not dope to me….I’m looking for that fire, that inspiration

INFLUENCERS: How Trends and Creativity Becomes Contagious (Short Film)

Directed by Paul Rojanathra and Davis Johnson

After viewing the Trailer a few weeks back, The full fledge documentary comes to life. Speaking with various New York artists(Music & Art) like Jeff Staple, Dao Yi of Public School, and Rob Stone and Jon Cohen of Cornerstone, and more. This goes deep into the perspective of looks, style, personality, and growth. Learn & Enjoy.