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Nico Segal- Illasoul: Shades Of Blue

Presented by Really peep this project. Ill hip hop music.

Today we present Illasoul: Shades of Blue, the debut solo project from Nico Segal of Kids These Days.  While Nico is best known as the band’s trumpet player, he is a lyricist and poet as well, crafting new works inspired by the likes of J. Dilla, Denizen Kane, Miles Davis and others.  His jazz, Hip Hop and poetic influences intersect and combine on Illasoul: Shades of Blue, which also features Macie Stewart, Vic Mensa, Malcolm London, and Crucial Conflict’s Coldhard.  The album is available below for stream as well as free download.  Enjoy.

Download Here: Nico Segal- illasoul: Shades Of Blue

Nico Segal- Illasoul: Shades Of Blue (Video)

Directed By Austin Vesely

Usually when people see Nico Segal of Kids These Days, it’s next to trombone player, JP Floyd playing his trumpet wrecking shop across the country. What most do not know, is Nico himself is a (in my opinion) talented poet. Stepping behind the mic he is prepping to release his debut project, Illasoul: Shades Of Blue. Here we have a promo video. Head over to rubyhornet for the full interview. Enjoy.

Kids These Days: Darling (Video)

Directed by Davy Greenberg

Something ill for your ears from the KTD band. The EP, Hard Times, coming January 15th. If your in the chicago area that day, they’re having a release concert that night. Flyer after the jump. Continue reading

Thelonious Monk: Epistrophy

You cannot tell me that he rocks. Do your history. Enjoy.

Kids These Days: My Days (Video)

Directed by Nic Collins and Ryan Farmer

New KTD on this sunday evening. I really dig the song/band people.  Do yourself a favor and don’t sleep on this band. Their EP, Hard Times coming soon. Enjoy.

Download Here- Kids These Days: My Days

Kids These Days: Gold Coast TV Interview Pt 1

The good people at CDTV sat in on a session interviewing Vic, Greg, & Nico. Talking about their live performances, unique sound, and how it their upcoming EP, Hard Times, will be the same KTD sound you hear in a show. I heard their sound and man, you will definitely enjoy this.

Akenya: Overcome (EP)

Equality. Everything has an equal to it. Anger, love. Happy, Sad. Hip hop, Soul. Everything has an equal to is. That being said, A soulful artist named Akenya released her EP, Overcome this sunday. With eight songs in, you have nothing to worry about. I personally enjoyed God Bless The child. One of my favorites. With that being said, Just support future icons and Enjoy.

Download Buy Here- Akenya: Overcome (EP)

Sunday Cool: Marvin Gaye Trouble Man

The music decides to take a breather today. I had fun bumpin my EP with my homeboys last night. Rollin in the jeep cruisin in Hyde Park. You’d think it’s 94 again. ANyway. Let’s get into some Marvin Gaye right now. I’m playing this while taking photos tuesday. This is too cool. Enjoy.

Caldera: Ancient Source

People focus too much on the 90’s hip hop and not enough on the oldies. I mean, the seventies basically Made90’s hip hop! I mean, look  at the chronic & Doggystyle. #DITC people. Enjoy.

John Coltrane: Blue Train

This>the Radio on for 20 minutes. Something for your monday evening. Enjoy.