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DJ Such N Such: Yesterday Comes Tomorrow

Here it is. SaveMoney Producer/DJ DJ SuchNSuch (cue the “SuchNSuch” adlib) drops his first debut project on the night of his high school graduation. Yesterday Comes Tomorrow Features Saba of PIVOT, Jean Deaux, Rob Sizwe and more. Such’ even kicks a few bars. Check the homie out. Enjoy. SaveMoney.

Download here- DJ Such N Such: Yesterday Comes Tomorrow

Chance The Rapper- 10Day (Mixtape)

Artwork by Brandon Breaux. Presented by

Honest story. Maybe september or October 2011, While playing beats, Chance played me a real rough cut of the 10day project. With playing Prom Night, Missing You, and Fuck You Talm Bout, I told him even in it’s early stage, that I was honestly impressed. Us both being MC’s and coming up around the same time, I was glad to see Chance make his moves.

Coming back to Now. while some of what he played me made the final project & some didn’t, it still made this bold statement of “Even in Hard Times, creativity & inspiration can always prosper.” Even if it’s through chiefing outside the school . Chance has a REAL solid project here. Features Vic Mensa, Alex Wiley & Sulaiman. Production from Prince Talent DJ SuchNSuch, Chuck Inglish, Thomas Foolery, & more. Don’t sleep. Tracklist & Link below. CHANCE HOE! 10Day!!! Continue reading

Nico Segal- Illasoul: Shades Of Blue

Presented by Really peep this project. Ill hip hop music.

Today we present Illasoul: Shades of Blue, the debut solo project from Nico Segal of Kids These Days.  While Nico is best known as the band’s trumpet player, he is a lyricist and poet as well, crafting new works inspired by the likes of J. Dilla, Denizen Kane, Miles Davis and others.  His jazz, Hip Hop and poetic influences intersect and combine on Illasoul: Shades of Blue, which also features Macie Stewart, Vic Mensa, Malcolm London, and Crucial Conflict’s Coldhard.  The album is available below for stream as well as free download.  Enjoy.

Download Here: Nico Segal- illasoul: Shades Of Blue

Prince Talent: Blue Tape On The Way (Mixtape)

We here at the site are supporters of the homie Prince Talent. One project in particular is the upcoming Blue Tape. With his single #Angelica out doing well , to get the fans ready for the album, he releases a whole project of new material all original. Download Below. Peep it, otherwise, I be laughing at yo Goof!!! Continue reading

Ele Vel: Beauty Lies N Harmony (Mixtape)

Ele Vel, from the Southside of Chicago, officially drops his first mixtape titled “Beauty Lies N Harmony.” The Chicago Has Talent 2010 finalist brings to you songs about Life, Liberty, and Love. Things in which he feels are not entitled in this world. Tracklist & link below.  Continue reading

Kembe X: Self Rule (Mixtape)


The debut mixtape for young chicago MC, Kembe X finally drops today. Production from Apollo Brown, Julian Malone, St. Ghoul, with Features from Chance & Alex Wiley. From his previous leaks, to hearing the whole project, I can see this will turn a few heads. I’m playing it as I write this. So take my word that you will enjoy this. Tracklist below. Continue reading

Vic $pencer: Vic Greenthumbs (Mixtape)

New Vic $pencer is always welcome. Especially on his birthday(Happy birthday fam). So he drops “A Fuckin Movie“. 30 tracks and features include Gemstones, Sulaiman, Chano, Silken, Simeon (Primeridian), and more. Ladies, Play “5 Deadly Venoms”. Trust me, When is the last time you played 30 tracks and not skip one? This might be that time. Enjoy below. Continue reading

Prince Talent: The Remix Was Reborn On August 1st

As promised, Prince Talent drops his latest offering. Remixing certain records with his own production and  original verses. What makes this special is that ON his birthday, he’s giving out free music. Go on twitter and wish him a happy birthday too. Enjoy.

Download Here- Prince Talent: The Remix Was Reborn On August 1st

Keanon Terrell: The Weapon X BeatTape (BeatEP)

He’s at it again folks. If you liked Stakes Set High, then you’ll love this. 10 new solid joints from Keanon Terrell. His production skills have really opened some eyes on previous records. This is only part one. Part two is coming soon. Enjoy.

Download Here- Keanon Terrell: The Weapon X BeatTape (BeatEP)

The Avid Mind x The Tracksmith: The Intermission (Mixtape)

It’s friday people. Word to Rebecca Black & Smokey. I’ve been meaning to post but, No excuses. My people’s sent me this link days ago & some real quotable lines on this Avid Mind x Tracksmith mixtape. (Besides the industry beats) everything is mostly produced by The Tracksmith. Who know’s?! You might hear him spit a bar or two. Wanna know? Check it out the. Enjoy.

Download Here- The Avid Mind x The Tracksmith: The Intermission (Mixtape)