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Movie Of The Week: Bastards Of The Party

Yes, we skipped one night of my “Movie Of The Week” series due to my spring break, but out of the fly, I peeped this documentary from tAzArnold’s twitter page. Watched a few of it and wanted to share it with you guys. #PowerOfTheInternet. It’s called, Bastards Of The Party. Peep info below.

Raised in the Athens Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Cle “Bone” Sloan was four years old when his father died, and 12 when he became a member of the Bloods. Now an inactive member of the notorious gang, Sloan looks back at the history of black gangs in his city and makes a powerful call for change in modern gang culture with his insightful documentary, BASTARDS OF THE PARTY.

All in all, this is a good watch one night your at home. I’m not going to post any favorites because I got the full clip here. And this is one of those life changing videos you should show the youth. so please Enjoy.

Movie Of The Week: Bowling For Columbine

Man, I almost didn’t do this edition. But you viewers give me strength. So I had to even though its low-key almost midnight. Anyway, let’s do something different. For the most part, I just been giving you guys movies, but let’s start doing other genres. My personal favorite, documentaries. I love watching them and this was the first documentary I ever watched. Michael Moore’s 2002 controversial film, Bowling For Columbine. This movie is breaking down the infamous Columbine high School shooting in 1999, when two high school boys shot up their high school. From there, Moore breaks down america history of poor Gun control, the violence that occurs in the united states.Reviewing the movie and what it teaches, the gun is a symbolism of the power U.S weilds and also how we let it control us. Just watch the movie and look at how we fight back.

Clip I: The intro. I love how Michael is gettin his haircut strapped up. Also, the Chris Rock clip put in.

Clip II: A brief history of guns & violence. look closely.

Movie Of The Week: Bamboozled

Bamboozled Movie Poster

How can Miss this one out?!?!? Well for those brain dead and hard of hearing, this M.O.T.W is none other than the infamous Spike Lee directed, Bamboozled. The story is centered around 2000 where a man, Pierre Delacroix(Damon Wayans) and his assistant, Sloan Hopkins(Jada Pinkett Smith) wanted to create to perfect television show that was “Outside the box”. It would be called, Mantan: The New Millenium Minstrel Show. Starring the duo of Mantan(Saivon Glover) and Womack(Tommy Davidson). During the movie, Race and class is seriously judged in every clique. Whether its corporate or in a small group. Looking back at the movie, Spike Lee did what no one else could do. Wake Niggas up. Just watch the movie and learn, Color runs skin deep.

CLIP I: The Dance of Death. Just watch.

Clip II: The interview with Pierre(PEEP LEFT EYE AT THE 2:00 CLIP!)

Clip III: A montage of minstrel show movie that Sloan played for Pierre at the end.

*UPDATE* What’s weird is, that this is the 10th year anniverary of Bamboozled. #Coicidence

Favorite Quote: “I am sick and tired of being a nigger and I am not gonna take it anymore!!!”

Movie Of The Week: The Last Dragon

Glow like Leroy/ You should see boy go…”

I mean honestly, if your a black kid growing up liking girls, fighting and cool special effects (like myself), The Last Dragon was your 1985 version of The Matrix. The story of young (Bruce) Leroy Green growing up in harlem, is a funny yet difficult one. Trying to pass the final level and achieve “the glow.”, dealing with being different thanks to his little brother Richie, and battling the infamous SHO’NUFF!!! of Harlem and the evil Eddie Arkadian(evil white guy… #boo!!!). All while showing cool kung-fu techniques, a nice scenery of NYC, and the beautiful Vanity as Leroy’s love interest. Just all in all, watch this movie if you’re looking for some action.

Clip I: The popular glow scene.

Movie Of The Week: School Daze

It’s the first day of march tonight, so lets keep this series of MOTW(Movie Of The Week) going. Why not since it’s march madness, we look onto the Spike Lee(Directed, starred, produced) classic, School Daze. The movie talks about Lee’s character(half pint) experience homecoming weekend at the fictional Mission College. Also during this time, Half pint is trying to pledge the wild fraternity, Gamma Phi Gamma. On the other side, Pint’s cousin, Dap(Laurence Fishburne) is the school rebel whos anti-apartheid demonstrations encouraging students and school administrators to completely divest from South Africa.

Now looking at the clash of Pints pledging, and Dap’s protesting, it goes bigger than that. From the personal problems between Dap and Pint’s Dean *Clap* Big Brother “All MightY”, to looking at the clash of light skinned versus dark skinned women on campus. Though School Daze does leave you looking at college life differently, it lets you know about the history of self hatred. War between the fair skinned and darker, and  rebels and righteousness. Though you might not understand, just see the movie for yourself.

Clip: The battle between “Good” hair and “bad” hair

Clip II: The wake up Scene. Trust me, if you understand the world back then, then this scene is deeper than a mere “Wake up”

*UPDATE* Clip III: How could I forget Samuel Jackson’s small(yet), powerful scene.. Just watch.

P.S: My favorite Quote. “In life, there are times to be quiet man, Just shut the fuck up!!!”

Movie Of The Week: Boyz N The Hood

For another “Movie Of The Week”, we head towards the west coast for John Singleton’s groundbreaking film “Boyz N The Hood.”  Looking at the characteristics of Cuba Gooding’s Tre and Ice Cube’s Doughboy, both are virtually the same. Just choose different outcomes. While Tre tries to leave the streets of Compton, California and follows his father’s orders, Doughboy grows up without his father, chooses on the wrong side and let’s the streets consume him. Though his brother (played by Morris Chestnut) Ricky earns an opportunity to leave and become a great hope for the hood, we all know what happens next. After watching this movie, we learn that everyone makes choices. Both good and bad. We just have to learn whether to learn on from our choices, or let our options take control and regret.

*UPDATE*  I’m not able to find the scenes, so I recommend two.

When Tre and Ricky pulled over by L.A’s Finest Crooked…(Still couldn’t find it. Sorry)

When Tre and Doughboy overlook on their neighborhood.

Movie Of The Week: Malcolm X

Malcolm X Movie Poster

Sticking to the theme of “Black History Month”, this weeks movie is Spike Lee’s famous, Malcolm X. Starring Denzel Washington, this movie depicts the famous civil rights leader in a whole. From his flashbacks of him as a child, to his up-bringing under Elijah Muhammad. As we all know, Malcolm X did a lot for being the more assertive leaders in civil rights history. Many say even though him and Martin Luther King Jr were both for freedom, the two had different paths as to obtaining it. This movie teaches males that even when down the wrong path, there still is a chance to turn your life around. Check out this scene where Malcolm makes that transition…

And for a little bit of history, here’s the REAL malcolm X speaking on the House/field Negro mentality.

Movie of The Week: Juice

Since I started the blog, I’ve been thinking of ideas as to making it unique. What I will do is post a movie (Old or new) every week and this week is the legendary “Juice”. The way Tupac Shakur acted is beyond comprehension. So much talent and skill when it came down to him playing Bishop. I love the battle Bishop has with his own “Wrecking Krew”, and locker scene between him and Q. This movie really displays the ways people can easy be influenced by their peers. Juice will always and forever will be a classic in the eyes of black males… Oh tip. If you have somone who is leading into negativity, play this movie for them and analyze it.

“I Ain’t never gonna be shit!!!”