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Inspiration: 13th Witness

Filmmaker & photographer.

Inspiration: Raphael Nash

“You’re trying to be original like everybody Else.”

Filmmaker, Photographer, My mentor & my big homie.

Movin Photos: Sept 29th

I’m back to doing the Movin’ Photos thanks to my homie Ra for the reminder. These photos are from me riding to the sunrise, or from chilling at the library. Enjoy. Continue reading

Inspiration: Malcolm X

Reconnect. Reflect. Rebuild.


Lucinda O’Dea: L.A.M.E

Today, I did a on-sight photoshoot with my friend Lucinda. It’s weird how it happened. I was on facebook and she just asked who wants to take photos. A quick text and on my way downtown. Power of the internet. Reflecting on it, she is a very bright and inspiring photographer that personally know. We both took photos of each other and wrote on our arms things we could think of. Also, had LAME on our foreheads. Very deep especially for her. I hope to do work with her in the future. Check her out on Facebook & Twitter Enjoy. Continue reading

1-2-1 Series: 13th Witness Interview

Part of his 1-2-1 video series, Staple Design sits down with the photo genius 13th Witness to discuss how he grew up, his inspiration & motivation.

Me being from chicago and NOT BEING IN NEWYORK, I will be missing out on attending the 13th Witness exhibition at Reed Space. From September 13th opening night, until september 30th. This dude is epic. Like the way he plans and shoots the most oddest of things, and turns them to something inspirational is mind boggling.  The exhibit will feature all new images from McGurr, and new works that were never shown in public.

Via. FreshnessMag

Run 4 Cover: 13th Witness & Nigel Sylvester (Video)

This is ill. Videotaping/editing by 13th Witness + Nigel riding around the NYC doing tricks and at High speed= something worth watching and inspired by. This is something I will not attempt unless a million is on the line. Enjoy.

Movin’ Photos: Aug 17th

Found these while digging through some old things. I was biking down lake shore drive and took these while on the wheel. Don’t try that at home kids. Enjoy. Continue reading

Panasonic DMC-LX5

Very ill camera and with very wide range of lenses to shoot. Just imagining the type of photos it would take.

  • Features a newly designed Leica DC Vario-Summicron.
  • F2.0 ultra wide angle 24mm lens which is super bright and minimize distortion providing fantastic detail.
  • High sensitivity 10 megapixel CCD is equipped in the camera.
  • redesigned to achieve the expansion of dynamic range by increasing the sensivity and the saturation.
  • High Definition movie recording is available in AVCHD Lite through the image processor Venus Engine FHD that acts super-fast response time.

Shout out Freshnessmag.

Movin’ Photos: May 21st

New post, New Photos. This was during my practice with Professional Theater & Dance. Enjoy.

P.S., I need a better camera.