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BJ The Chicago Kid: Fly Girl Get Em

Well seen this for a while, just been too busy to post and needs you to hear this. No Excuses. BJ The Chicago Kid has been one of the few R&B singers I actually like. Whether its a Sean Garrett(GARBAGE) record, or even T-Pain, BJ to me, beats them hands down. He reminds me of that classic sound, that has soul in every record. No matter what topic. Like this, This song hits.  Off his, Pineapple Now-Laters LP coming soon. Enjoy.

Download Here- BJ The Chicago Kid: Fly Girl Get Em

Cee Lo Green: F*ck You (Official Video)

An official video for the best breakup summer record. Speaking of it, It’s fall. So bring on the sweaters and khaki pants. Just enjoy.

Diana Ross: Friend To A Friend

Something to Pass the Time. I’m bout to perform tonight. So blog when I come back. Enjoy some Diana you ignant sons of bitches..

BJ The Chicago Kid: Aight

New music from the soulful southside kid… Much love to BJ for posting this. Off his upcoming Pineapple Now-Laters project. Coming memorial weekend. Enjoy.

Download: BJ The Chicago Kid: Aight

Aloe Blacc: I Need A Dolla(Video)

Though the season is over, here it is for you guys. The CDQ and the visuals as well. I dig the song after the 2:40 post. I need some more of this man’s soundtrack. Enjoy.

Download here. By Aloe Blacc: “I Need A Dolla”

Dom Kennedy: From The Westside, With Love

Yes, it’s almost been a week, and I still got this on rotation. Dom is the coldest dude holding Leimert down. I play both of his albums(FutureStreet/DrugSounds & FTWWL) and his two mixtapes(25th Hour & Best After Bobby) are fire. So enjoy this cool sound, pass it around, so hold it down. Download here.

Favorite joint: Room 323 Intermission

P.S. Who cares what XXL thinks about it? its a XXL in my mind.

Valentines Day…

Thank PHF for this picture

SUCKED(AND WILL ALWAYS SUCK) ASS!!! That’s right. I said it. Once again, fate brings the dreadful day of February 14th. Where hearts are either fluttering with their love ones on romantic dates, movies, and on a night stroll, or at home with hearts crushed like a construction site. Right now, I’m one of those people. I told myself I’m not going to put nothing personal on this blog but hey, it’s valentines day. Well back in the day(3 weeks before now), I was in (my opinion) a good relationship. We talked, had fun once in a while, and unlike the stereotypes of black men today, I treated her right. Never was trifling with her feelings, always(and still is) the perfect gentleman. You know, I thought today, would make that relationship very special. This is what I would’ve done if we were still together:

  • 1: Movies downtown around 3(Valentines day as the movie)
  • 2: dinner at Medichi in Hyde Park around 5 or 6 (Note that I’m buying this because and planned this out)
  • 3: walk in the park where we talk and conversate until 6 or 7
  • 4: Chill at the coffee spot on 53rd until I call a cab round 8
  • 5: Take her home at a respectable time.

YOU KNOW?!?! A FUCKING DATE!!! But you know how it goes, you win some, you lose some. Apparently, I lost in a NON EXCITING WAY! Boo hoo tear tear whatever. Now that I look back on it, on valentines day, I need to look better and farther when it comes to women. The girl even admitted I can find better than her. I find it bullshit and hate when women say “you can find better” It’s a pet peeve of mine. Plus, I find it sort of insulting when you say that. Anyway, I’m not going to find better. Ladies, you can find me in the cut chillin’… So for the end of this entry. you will find three things.

1: Me not putting my personal business on this blog. this isn’t my fuckin diary. People can see.

2: My mentor’s V-day mixtape entitled, “Happy Valentines Day from Kid Ralphie 2010”. Download Here.

3: My own little mix of love songs. I made it actually the day before we got together(October 19th). It’s called, “Lovers Enjoy”. No link. just look at the selection.

Lovers Enjoy Mix

Peace, Slick.

P.S. you know who you are too. I hope you read it.

Sade: Soldier Of Love

My future wife to be, Sade, just dropped her album, Soldier Of Love this past tuesday. Peep the tracklist and artwork Masterpiece.

Soldier Of Love Cover

01 The Moon And The Sky
02 Soldier Of Love
03 Morning Bird
04 Baby Father
05 Long Hard Road
06 Be That Easy
07 Bring Me Home
08 In Another Time
09 Skin
10 The Safest Place

Also, watch a mini-documentary of the making of this album.

Click here if you wanna hear some soul music…or love music.