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Power Laced Sneakers

I really hope that I can save enough money for a pair by 2015. A person by the name of Blake Bevin created the first power laced sneaker. By adding a force sensor when stepping on the ground your laces automatically lace up. It seems like a first draft so we can see a final version coming soon. Nike, #StepYoLacesUp.

Ghostwridah: Red Bottoms

Red Bottoms, You gotta have 'em, you glad you got'em

I know. The name pushes you away, but the song is wild. Coming from Miami, Ghostridah is a dude whos music is not compared to your usual miami artist. Produced by the Don Cannon..(Cannon… cannon), Mr. Wridah takes on a story of certain women, and their shoes…

Ghostwridah: Red Bottoms (Produced By. Don Cannon)

Download for some good look music.