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The GO! Experiment (Finale)

#Honestly. A mixtape should be done for this… We can do this.

Twone Gabz x Teefa x Sulaiman x The Rocketeers x Mike 100s x Vic Mensa x Mic Terror x J. Ivy


Part II is in the works… I’M SIGNIN UP!!!

The GO! Experiment Part IV

I mean seriously, should The GO! Experiment do it’s own mixtape? #imjustsayin

Mikkey Halsted x Ken Rock x The Primeridian x Coldhard(FOR MAYOR!!) x Naledge x Vic $pencer x Big Homie D.O.E.

Shout out to all MC’s who spit their 16 in this. Word Life.

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The GO! Experiment Part III

You what it is… The GO! experiment is at it’s half way point, and people are still loving it.

Up next is the infamous group called Project Mayhem.

Paypa x Ish x Lennon

P.S.: My homie told me tomorrow’s ┬ápost will be worth it. So stay tuned.

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The GO! Experiment Part I & II

“Can You say chi-city?!?!”

– Common

My mentor and good homie Raphael Nash of The EP Art Brand directed history right around this time last year…

“In 2009, along with Enstrumental clothing, assembled a group of Chicago emcees to come together in the same room at the same time to create , The GO! Experiment.” DJ Jay-illa on the 1 & 2’s, Dave Jeff(The Phli’est dude livin) hosting, what more can I say?

First off, it’s Rhymefest x Pugs Atomz x Que B.I.L.L.A.H. x Phil G x Big Wiz

Second is Really Doe x Mick Luter x Shayla G x YP

This is an Experiment.