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Ele Vel: Make Believe (Video)

Filmed & Edited by REBIRTHNYCFILMS

New Vel is never a problem. Like the treatment El. High Chance Of Reign is on the way. Just got to believe.

Saba: Believe The Hype

Directed by Sef&Que Visuals.

The PIVOT Movement is not slowing up this weekend. New Visuals from Sab. Comfort Zone is on the way.

Brian Fresco- GO!

Produced by III.

This record is pretty chill, prefect for the summer. Also, a new EP from Fresco in the works, so hears a sample what to expect from it. #SaveMoney Enjoy.

John Walt: Happy Place (Video)

Directed and animated by Tom Vinij
Co-Produced by Mike Vargas

We rollin with more #PIVOT music with member John Walt. The song is ill. Plus the color & brightness in this video is crazy. Look for new #PIVOT music and projects this summer.

Raymond Abercrombie- Better Daze

As a part of his upcoming #SunDazeMass series, Ray will be dropping a new record every sunday for the next eight weeks. Today starts off going over a Lauryn Hill favorite. also, check after the jump for a small intro video to the series. Happy sunday. Enjoy.

Dir FlyKiteMedia & Tom Vinji

Chance The Rapper: Hey Ma (Video)

Directed By Elijah Alvarado

Another record from The 10Day pestilence gets the proper visuals in time for mother’s day (This sunday). Thank the mom in your life right now. Enjoy.

Caleb James: Freddie (Behind The Scenes) [Video]

Shot By Visual Mecca.

Here we see behind the scenes visuals from the upcoming single, Freddie. Off Caleb’s debut project, Ground Up. July 15th. #SaveMoney.

Chance The Rapper: Brain Cells (Video)

Directed By Austin Vesely.

There is no stopping chance, as he’s been on a promo frenzy lately. Just in time for this 4/20, chance delivers a new visual from his 10Day project (and download it if haven’t yet). I burn too many brain cells down. Enjoy.

Chance The Rapper: Hey Ma x Listening Party II (Video)

Produced By Tree.

10Day, April 3rd. Drops via ILLROOTS. Also on that day, he’s throwing a sequel to his first listening party At Jugrnaut. Check out the video below. Directed By Austin Vesely. You missed out on last time, here’s your second chance. Don’t Sleep.

Nico Segal- Illasoul: Shades Of Blue (Video)

Directed By Austin Vesely

Usually when people see Nico Segal of Kids These Days, it’s next to trombone player, JP Floyd playing his trumpet wrecking shop across the country. What most do not know, is Nico himself is a (in my opinion) talented poet. Stepping behind the mic he is prepping to release his debut project, Illasoul: Shades Of Blue. Here we have a promo video. Head over to rubyhornet for the full interview. Enjoy.