Chance The Rapper: Hey Ma (Video)

Directed By Elijah Alvarado

Another record from The 10Day pestilence gets the proper visuals in time for mother’s day (This sunday). Thank the mom in your life right now. Enjoy.

Kami de Chukwu & Vic Mensa: MurderFACE

New music from the Savemoney Army is always welcomed. This beat is pretty tough. Catch a body though. Enjoy.


Caleb James: Freddie (Behind The Scenes) [Video]

Shot By Visual Mecca.

Here we see behind the scenes visuals from the upcoming single, Freddie. Off Caleb’s debut project, Ground Up. July 15th. #SaveMoney.

T.R.3: Mr. Medicinal (Feat. Slick. G)

Artwork by The Antydote

Happy tree day.

Download Here- T.R.3: Mr. Medicinal (Feat. Slick. G)

T.R.3- Pow Pow (Feat. Nate Brault x Praises Vega)

She wants what? That pow pow apparently. But I’m A Rapper Too, Dropping in may. 

Download Here: T.R.3- Pow Pow (Nate Brault x Praises Vega)

Chance The Rapper: Brain Cells (Video)

Directed By Austin Vesely.

There is no stopping chance, as he’s been on a promo frenzy lately. Just in time for this 4/20, chance delivers a new visual from his 10Day project (and download it if haven’t yet). I burn too many brain cells down. Enjoy.

Ele Vel: Make Believe

Produced by Ele himself. New Ele means a new project in the works. High Chance Of Reign is approaching. Youtube and link below.

Download Here- Ele Vel: Make Believe (Prod. Ele Vel)

Chance The Rapper- 10Day (Mixtape)

Artwork by Brandon Breaux. Presented by

Honest story. Maybe september or October 2011, While playing beats, Chance played me a real rough cut of the 10day project. With playing Prom Night, Missing You, and Fuck You Talm Bout, I told him even in it’s early stage, that I was honestly impressed. Us both being MC’s and coming up around the same time, I was glad to see Chance make his moves.

Coming back to Now. while some of what he played me made the final project & some didn’t, it still made this bold statement of “Even in Hard Times, creativity & inspiration can always prosper.” Even if it’s through chiefing outside the school . Chance has a REAL solid project here. Features Vic Mensa, Alex Wiley & Sulaiman. Production from Prince Talent DJ SuchNSuch, Chuck Inglish, Thomas Foolery, & more. Don’t sleep. Tracklist & Link below. CHANCE HOE! 10Day!!! Continue reading

Slick. G- Keep It Going

Mixed By Prince Talent.

I’m Officially 20. So to celebrate, I did a quick freeverse to my favorite record. Support & enjoy!

Download Here- Slick. G: Keep It Going

Chance The Rapper: Hey Ma x Listening Party II (Video)

Produced By Tree.

10Day, April 3rd. Drops via ILLROOTS. Also on that day, he’s throwing a sequel to his first listening party At Jugrnaut. Check out the video below. Directed By Austin Vesely. You missed out on last time, here’s your second chance. Don’t Sleep.